“Seeking to enrich lives through traditional Tae Kwon Do”

A warm welcome to Crown Tae Kwon Do Federation (CTF).

Tae Kwon Do is a spectacular Korean martial art of self-defence that focuses on using explosive kicking, striking and blocking techniques. It is practiced by millions world-wide and is now the most popular martial art in the UK and an Olympic sport.

CTF is an independent organization which traces its roots back to the mid 1970’s. Since then, the club has continually dedicated itself to the highest teaching standards. We are a club run for our students and we aim for high standards rather than high profits. Students have to earn their grade through hard work, dedication and good class attendance, rather than the amount of money they spend.

Although Moo Duk Kwan is our chosen and style of Tae Kwon Do, we have a very progressive open minded attitude towards other styles and indeed other martial arts, sometimes inviting instructors from other styles to demonstrate theirs. We also teach and practice self-defence techniques using, pressure points, locks, throws and groundwork.

The club prides itself on the real family feel it generates in its students and instructors and we actively encourage students regardless of their age, gender or natural ability. Classes are taught in a disciplined but fun and social environment recognising that Tae Kwon Do is a hobby. Gradings are held locally every four months. With regular classes and lots of practise a student should be able to grade every four months up to 4th Gup (green belt).

As well as our regular classes, the club regularly arrange extra-curricular activities such as training days, specialised courses, demonstrations, social and charity events. We are also on Facebook, which is an invaluable medium for feedback, chat and up to date news.

Tae Kwon Do is a great way to relieve the stresses and pressures of today’s society and has many benefits such as:

  • Greater fitness
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • Inner strength
  • General well-being
  • The ability to defend yourself if needed.

It is a recognised fact that students who train in traditional martial arts obtain better results in the school and work place. This is endorsed on a regular basis from feed-back from our students and parents alike.

The welfare of our students is paramount. Our instructors are all trained to a high standard, are DBS checked and hold personal liability insurance. We also have a dedicated Welfare Officer.

If you are interested in joining CTF and require further details you can contact us by email at admin@crowntaekwondo.co.uk. You can also come along and talk to one of our instructors face to face if you prefer and you are welcome to watch any of our classes, go to ‘Training Centres’ for details. If you wish to take part in a class, please arrive ten minutes before the advertised start time, wear clothing which does not hamper movement and bring a bottle of water. The first lesson is free and if you decide to become a member of CTF there are price concessions where there is more than one family member at the club or in a class.

Mark Willoughby and Stuart Holliday

Chief Instructors